Duna Maraton Kft. as organiser (hereinafter referred to as “Organiser”) hereby informs the persons participating in the events organised by it (hereinafter referred to as “Participants”) as follows:

I. General Provisions

  1. By submitting a registration and/or picking up their number, Participants declare that they have familiarised themselves with the official rules of the race or tour organised by the Organiser, acknowledged their content, and accept to be bound by such regulations. Minors who older than 14 years of age may participate in a race, tour, event or prize draw organised by the Organiser with the consent of their legal guardian. At the Organiser’s request, minors are required to furnish proof of such consent. Minors under 14 years of age are only allowed to participate in a race, tour, event or prize draw organised by the Organiser if their legal guardian has declared in writing, for and on behalf of the minor, that they have fully familiarised themselves with the official rules of the race or tour organised by the Organiser, acknowledged their content, and accept to be bound by such regulations.


  1. The Organiser shall not be liable for any issues arising from information that was provided incompletely upon registration, or from the improper placement of race numbers or timing chips.


  1. Preliminary registrations shall be considered as accepted by the Organiser when the registration fee has been paid by the Participant by the specified preliminary registration deadline. If the registration fee is not paid by the day preceding the event, the Participant shall pay an on-site registration fee. Any payments event after the event will be refunded as follows:
    If the date of the payment or of the bank transfer order is later than the preliminary registration deadline, the preliminary registration fee will be refunded.


  1. Participants are obliged to fix the race number received at the Race Centre in full size (without cutting parts off or folding it) as follows:
    During mountain bike races, race numbers must be fixed on the handlebars using a cable tie or similar fastener, so that it is readable from the front. In the case of having two race numbers, the second one, a race bib, must be pinned to the rider’s garment, at the height of the waist, to the middle or to the right, using a safety pin.
    Race numbers must be visible throughout the event, and may not be covered or rotated.


  1. Participants are obliged to inform the Organiser or its agents (race jury or officials) if they decide to give up the race, and remove their race number.


  1. Participants are obliged to wear the chip – or other device – provided at the Race Centre throughout the race at the specific place as specified in the official rules appertaining to the given event. After an event, Participants are obliged to hand over the chips – or other devices – to the Organiser. In the case of accidents, unexpected events or giving up the race, chips -or other devices – must be returned to the Organiser within 8 days.


  1. Participants must ride on the designated course. As soon as a Participant leaves the designated course, their participant status will be lost. If they do this unintentionally, return to the designated course during the announced time of the event, and complete the entire distance, their participant status will be resumed. Participants must pass through the checkpoints.


  1. At the Organiser’s events, Participants are obliged to obey the traffic rules (i.e. the Highway Code) in force, with special regard to:
    – the obligation to keep right
    – the obligation to observe priorities and to give way
    Tours/races take place with partial road closures, while maintaining road traffic. Participants are obliged to comply with the instructions of the Police and of the Organiser or any persons acting on their behalf.


  1. By submitting the registration and/or receiving a race number, a Participant states that they have prepared for the event by training, their health condition is suitable for completing the specific distance, and they do not suffer from a cardiovascular disorder. For those who are not licensed athletes, we recommend that you have yourself checked by a sports physician before the event to see if your health is adequate to participate in a bicycle race/tour.


  1. Participants take part in the events at their own risk. The Organiser hereby excludes, to the maximum extent permitted by law, any liability of the organisers for any health damage, accident or material damage. The Organiser may not be required to pay compensation for damages.


  1. During the tours and races organised by the Organiser, Participants must wear headgear. In order to protect one’s own physical integrity and that of others, Participants must check before setting off whether their bicycle and sports equipment are suitable for completing the specific distance. The Organiser may, at any time, exclude from the event any person who does not have appropriate equipment.


  1. By submitting the registration and/or receiving a race number, Participants consent that audio, video and photography recordings will be made of the event, and the Organiser, BringaErdő Kft., is entitled to use such recordings in any manner for advertising purposes, without any time or geographical limitation, and Participants may not claim any compensation for the use of such recordings. Participants also consent that the Organiser can disclose their names in the list of results and/or in the reports and press materials about the event.


  1. Participants must pay particular attention to keeping the nature clean and tidy. Any littering outside the refreshment points shall result in exclusion from the race or tour!


  1. Participants who have won a place at any of the Organiser’s races, may only receive their prizes in person, during the announcement of the results. It is not possible to receive prizes subsequently.


  1. Any events that have been announced without a rain check will be held even in bad weather conditions, unless, at the Organiser’s sole discretion, the weather conditions would jeopardise the physical integrity of Participants or of their assets. In the latter case, the event will be cancelled.


  1. The Organiser reserves the right to amend the official rules appertaining to a specific race or tour prior to the event (if necessary, immediately before departure). You will be informed about any changes on the Organiser’s official website at and on the premises.


  1. People less than 18 years of age can only register and/or receive a race number with parental consent (or for members of a sports association, their trainer’s consent, and for students of an educational institution, their teacher’s consent). Upon request, the Organiser provides a “Declaration of Parental Consent” form. By registering, a Participant or their representative (parent, teacher, trainer) agree to be bound by the content of the declaration of consent.


  1. In the event of controversies, Participants may submit an appeal. Appeals must be filed with the Clerk of the Course (“Versenyigazgató”) at the latest 15 minutes prior to the announcement of the results of the event concerned, by paying a HUF 10,000 appeal fee. Any comments will be examined by the Organiser who will respond verbally and/or in writing to those concerned. In the case of an appeal that is deemed justified, the appeal fee will be refunded. Fees paid for rejected appeals will be donated by the Organiser to the Hungarian Red Cross (HU-1051 Budapest, Arany János utca 31).


  1. Any matters concerning the Organiser’s races and not regulated herein shall be governed by the rules and regulations of the International Cycling Federation (UCI) and of the Hungarian Cycling Federation and its associations responsible for individual disciplines.


  1. These general rules apply in conjunction with the specific rules of each event, which are contained in the official rules of the relevant event.


II. Refund of registration fee and switching events

Event switching and transfers of registration are free of charge until 3 weeks before the date of Duna Marathon, and may only be initiated by contestants with a valid registration; the organisers will not deal with any other requests. After this date, switching events and transfers will be subject to a fee of HUF 3,500.

No registration fee refund is possible subsequently.


III. Data protection

  1. By submitting a registration and/or receiving a race number, Participants expressly agree to that the personal data provided by them may be processed by the Organiser, BringaErdő Kft., and its data processors for the purpose of conducting events and informing the Participants.


  1. The legal basis for data processing is the data subject’s consent granted under Section 3(1)(a) of Act LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data and Public Access to Data of Public Interest, as well as Section 3(6) of the Hungarian Privacy and Data Protection Act.


  1. The Organiser hereby informs the Participants that upon submitting a registration or receiving a race number, their consent to the processing of their personal data is presumed to have been given. In all cases, the provision of personal data is voluntary; Participants are entitled, at any time, to refuse to contribute or to provide data and to withdraw their consent without justification. If a Participant refuses to provide their personal data or withdraws their consent, and therefore the Organiser is unable to comply with its obligations under these Rules, this shall result in the Participant’s registration or participation in the event and in the prize draw being null and void.


  1. Regarding personal data provided by Participants, the purpose of data processing is to:
  • identify Participants;
  • ensure participation in the relevant tour/race/event;
  • conduct a prize draw and award the prize, including the tax implications of awarding prizes;
  • make audio and video recordings of tours/events, prize draws and awarding of prizes in the context of a media report;
  • handle complaints
  • inform Participant of the Organiser’s activities and provide information.


  1. The Organiser shall treat strictly confidentially any personal data that has become known to it, and shall not disclose such data to third parties without the consent of the Participant, not shall it use such data for any other purpose not specified by law or in these Rules. Personal data shall be erased after the purpose of data processing has been achieved.


  1. The Organiser shall ensure that personal data are processed only if this is strictly necessary to provide its services or to achieve other purposes specified by law, but also in this case, only to the required extent and for the necessary period.


  1. Participants may request information on the processing of their personal data, and may also request the rectification or, with the exception of statutory data processing, erasure of their personal data. Under the conditions laid down in the Privacy and Data Protection Act, Participants may object to the processing of their personal data.


  1. At the request of a Participant, the Organiser shall provide information about the relevant personal data processed by the Organiser or its data processor, as well as the purpose, legal basis and duration of the data processing, the data processor’s name, address (registered office) and its data processing related activities, and the parties to whom the data has been transferred and the purpose such transfers. Such requests may be submitted by e-mail or by post to the postal address of the Organiser as specified in the “Contact Information” section. The Organiser shall provide the requested information in writing, in the shortest possible time, but no later than within 30 days of the submission of the request, in the same way as the request was made.


  1. Participants may request that the Organiser rectifies or modifies their incorrect personal data. Such requests may be submitted by e-mail or by post. Participants may initiate the erasure of their personal information provided at the time of registration by sending a relevant request to the Organiser by post, to the postal address of the Organiser as specified in the “Contact Information” section. The Organiser shall erase the data concerned within 5 working days of receipt of a request for erasure, unless the processing is required by law. Once erased, data cannot be recovered.


  1. If a Participant detects the unlawful processing of their personal data, they may object to such processing under Section 16/A of the Hungarian Privacy and Data Protection Act. Objections must be sent to the Organiser by post. The Organiser shall investigate any objections and reports within 15 days of the receipt thereof, and inform the Participant concerned in writing, or in the absence of a postal address, in the same manner as the objection was made. If an objection is justified, the Organiser shall terminate the processing of and block the personal data concerned; afterwards, it shall notify all those to whom it has previously transferred the personal data concerned about the objection and the action taken on the basis thereof.


  1. If the Participant concerned disagrees with the decision adopted by the Organiser following the termination of the investigation, they may, within 30 days after notification of the decision, refer the matter to a competent court in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy and Data Protection Act. Participants may enforce their rights under the Privacy and Data Protection Act and Act IV of 1959 on the Civil Code before a court, or request assistance from the Data Protection Supervisor (Dr. András Jóri – Office of the Data Protection Supervisor, HU-1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 22; postal address: HU-1387 Budapest, Pf. 40).


  1. The Organiser applies security measures and devices (such as firewalls) that prevent the loss, misuse, or unauthorised alteration of the data it processes.


IV. Validity of the Rules of Participation

These Rules shall be valid until revocation. The Organiser reserves the right to unilaterally amend these Rules with a prior notification of the Participants. In the event of a violation of these Rules, the Organiser may exclude the Participant concerned from the specific event (tour, race, prize draw).