Duna Maraton 2018

Esztergom, 7-8 July 2018



Thank you all for a fantastic race!

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See you again at Duna Maraton on 6-7 July 2019.

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Save the date!

See you at Duna Maraton on 7-8 July 2018.

To stay in the loop, register for the event on Facebook, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

Course information

Preliminary information

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Prologue Aquasziget – Ice Cream Cup Portobello – Eliminator
Individual mountain bike time trial in the hills and woods right above Esztergom.
25km, 500m
Races for kids, 3-9 years old.  2-3 min short runs, only the fastest gets to the next round.
Playoffs for all racers until final rankings get decided for all.

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Registration: U11-U19

Registration: Elite

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Kellys Mini distance RockRider Short distance Middle distance Long distance
10 km 30 km 65 km 110 km
260 m 700 m 1700 m 2500 m
1 refreshment station
(see map)
3 refreshment stations
(see map)
6 refreshment stations
(see map)
10 refreshment stations
(see map)


There are two options available for registration: register and pay with bank card here on the website, or register and pay with bank transfer via the ODIN registration system. See descriptions of both below.

Pre-registration ends at 24:00 on 5 July 2018.
Please initiate bank transfers by 24:00, 4 July 2018 the latest. Bank card payments are accepted by 24:00, 5 July 2018.
See on-site registration rules below.


Register here on the website and pay the registration fee the same way you shop in webshops.

1) Click ‘Registration and payment with bank card’ below.
2) Add the selected item to your cart then proceed to checkout.
3) Provide all data necessary for registration and billing, then click ‘Proceed to Barion’.
4) At our payment processor, Barion, you can pay with a bank card or a Barion-wallet.

Following payment, you’ll receive confirmation of your registration and an invoice at the email address you provided.

Should you like to register your team, you can register your teammates one by one.

Entry fees
Saturday Sunday
Individual time trial Eliminator Ice Cream Cup Mini distance Short, middle & long distance
till 23 June HUF 3000

Elite HUF 4000

U11-U19 free

free HUF 6000 HUF 8000
from 24 June HUF 3000

Elite HUF 4000

U11-U19 free

free HUF 10000 HUF 12000


You can register for Duna Maraton at www.odinsport.eu (in Hungarian only) and pay the registration fee with bank transfer.

  1. Sign up at www.odinsport.eu
  2. Register yourself for the selected course at www.odinsport.eu. (Your registration will be confirmed following payment of the registration fee.)
  3. Pay the registration fee via bank transfer.
  4. Should you need an invoice for your team or other entity, add the necessary information – name and billing address – to your bank transfer.


Prologue: 8.00-10.00, Saturday, 7 July 2018

Ice Cream Cup, Eliminator: 8.00-15.00, Saturday, 7 July 2018

Marathon: 8.00-19.00, Saturday, 7 July 2018.
Only in limited numbers (as communicated publicly): 7.00-9.00, Sunday, 8 July 2018.



You can change your race category or transfer your registration to another person free of charge by 31 May 2018 the latest.

Only riders having a valid registration are allowed to change their race category.

From 1 June to 7 July 2018, you can change your race category or transfer your registration subject to a fee of HUF 3,500/person.

No changes or registration is allowed on 8 July 2018.

The organisers reserve the right to change this rule.



Participants’ age is determined based on the year of birth; months do not count.


U13 boys, girls (11-12 évesek) U15 boys, girls (13-14 évesek)
U15 boys, girls (13-14 évesek) U17 boys, girls (15-16 évesek)
U17 boys, girls (15-16 évesek) U19 men, women (17-18 évesek)
Elite men, women (19-49 évesek) Elite men, women (19-29 évesek)
Master 3 men, women (50-59 évesek) Master 1 men, women (30-39 évesek)
Master 4 men, women (60 évesek és felettiek) Master 2 men, women (40-49 évesek)
Master 3 men, women (50-59 évesek)
Master 4 men, women (60 évesek és felettiek)
U19 men, women (17-18 évesek) Elite men (19-29 évesek)
Elite men, women (19-29 évesek) Master 1 men (30-39 évesek)
Master 1 men, women (30-39 évesek) Master 2 men (40-49 évesek)
Master 2 men, women (40-49 évesek)
Master 3 men, women (50 évesektől)


Men, Women


U11/U13/U15/U17/U19/Elite; men, women


0-500Wh/501Wh+; men, women


Kindergarten, age group 1, bikes without pedal
Kindergarten, age group 2, bikes with pedal
U7 (under 7)
U9 (under 9)


See results here.


Preliminary programmes

Saturday, 7 July 2018 Prologue Ice Cream Cup Eliminator Marathon
Registration Registration
Individual time trial starts
Training Training
Races and announcement of results
Qualifying runs
Announcement of results Announcement of results
Sunday, 8 July 2018
7:00 – 9:00 Duna Maraton registration for foreign competitors, competitors’ pack handover
9:00 Briefing for team heads
9:30 Start: long distance
10.00 Start: middle distance
10:30 Start: short distance, mini distance
14:00-onwards Announcement of results

How to get there & where to leave you car + information for spectators

For teams

(map coming soon…)

For exhibitors

(map coming soon…)

Spectators’ zones



This is an open race; anyone who accepts the race rules is allowed to participate.

Participants who do not complete the course, or go off the designated course, or otherwise display unsportsmanlike conduct, will be excluded from the race.

Check points will be set up along the course to allow race officials to check the passage of participants and measure interim times.

Only the organisers are allowed to use safety cars.

Participants are only allowed to consume the food and beverages available at refreshment stations.

Spare parts can only be picked up at the designated “boxes”.

Participants are allowed to pick up spare parts for take away, so that they can resolve any technical issues on the spot.

Technical assistance is only allowed to be provided in the refreshment/technical zones.

Spare parts and tools must be kept in these designated zones. Participants must make any repairs or replacements themselves or with the help of their team mates, or alternatively, they may be assisted by their own or neutral assistants standing in the refreshment/technical zones. Smaller tools, such as internal tyres or hand tools, can be provided to contestants in the refreshment/technical zones.

In addition to the technical assistance available in the refreshment/technical zones, only team mates are allowed to provide assistance.

Race number and chip or GPS device pick-up: Organisers and race officials may request the presentation of an ID document on the site.

Timing is done using a chip system, while GPS-tracking may be done using a GPS system, both of which is included in the registration fee; no extra fee will be charged for this.

No deposit needs to be paid upon the pick-up of chips or GPS devices. HUF 5,000 will be charged by the organiser per lost chips and GPS devices. If a chip or a GPS device is lost and the participant fails to pay the above amount, the organiser will collect the debt through court proceedings.

Evaluation: The male and female rider first passing through the finish line at each event will be considered to be the winner in the appropriate categories. The rest of the places will be awarded in the order of finish.

Participation in the race is allowed using mountain bikes only. Bicycles may not be equipped with an electric motor or any other integrated device which can be used for propulsion; if someone uses such a device, their result will be eliminated, and disciplinary action will be initiated against them. In any other matters, the relevant rules and regulations of the Hungarian Cycling Federation (MKSZ) shall govern. In the event of disputes, a committee consisting of a Chief Commissaire delegated by the aforementioned Federation, the Commissaire and the Chief Organiser of the race shall decide on the spot.

Limit point: race officials will secure the race course up to 3:30 p.m. By this time, riders must reach this limit point, which will be located at the “VASKAPU” refreshment point. Organisers will write down the names and times of those who arrive at the limit point after 3:30 p.m., and remove their race numbers. After this, the race will be officially ended for these participants. They will have to ride from the aforementioned limit point to the finish line in Esztergom (5 km) on an asphalt road, by obeying the traffic rules.

Only people wearing an official race number may be present on the race course.

The use of helmets is obligatory!

Everyone participates in the race at their own risk, upon registration this is considered to have been acknowledged.

Preliminary information
Distance: marathon middle distance, 65km, 1700m
Rules: only one battery allowed
Categories: 0-500Wh / 501Wh+, men / women

Let us know about your experience at Duna Maraton at dunamaraton@dunamaraton.hu. We appreciate all feedback.

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